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Using Johnny Rockets coupons is a great way to save money while dining at this classic American restaurant. The first Johnny Rocket’s restaurant was opened in 1986 in Los Angeles California. The founder of the restaurant chain was a retailer by the name of Ronn Teitelbaum. Ronn was hoping to bring back a small piece of the classic, American past by opening a chain of restaurant serving good food in a fun atmosphere. It is said that Ronn chose the name Johnny in honor of America’s past. Johnny is a reference to American John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed. Ronn chose “Rockets” to represent America’s future.

Johnny Rockets Coupons – Where to find them

Johnny Rockets CouponsSign up for the Rocket e club in order to get information on promotions, new products, and a Johnny Rockets coupon by email. To find even more coupons, “like” Johnny Rockets on facebook and follow their Twitter feed. To do this, go to the Johnny Rockets website and click on the links. Click on the phone icon in the top right hand corner of the webpage to receive information on deals via text message. Customers can also sign up for the Johnn Rockets blog to find out even more information on the restaurant and new promotions.

The restaurant features other regular seasonal promotions. To honor the start of baseball season, Johnn Rockets is featuring Hamburgers and Homeruns Happy hour. There are great drink specials and other activities to honor one of America’s greatest sports. Johnny Rockets also offers discounted movie tickets too when customers purchase an entree with a drink at the restaurant. The drink can either be a soda or one of the incredibly tasty shakes sold at the restaurant. This offer is only available at certain locations however. Check to make sure that your favorite location is participating in this offer before ordering!

The best way to find printable Johnny rockets printable coupons online is to sign up for the Rocket e Club. Customers that recieve coupon information by email can print out the coupons to take to the restaurant. Sometimes, Johnn Rockets sends flyers with coupons. These coupons may be in the local paper or in a mailing sent to houses in certain zip codes. This is the best way to fin Johnny Rockets coupons 2012.

Customers can also find coupons for Johnny Rockets at the restaurant itself. When ordering, be sure to ask the waiter or waitress for any offers or other promotions that are in effect. Wait staff may also have access to coupons. Check out the Johnny rockets website and blog for more information on deals, specials, and coupons.

Johnny Rockets Coupons – Locating them is Easy

Johnny Rockets restaurants are located in shopping malls, tourist attractions, and other places. As such, customers may find coupons for the restaurant offered by location. If the mall is running a promotion, you may be able to find special discounts on food at Johnny Rockets.

Come to Johnny Rockets to spend some quality time with your family and friends. Use the Johnny Rockets coupons and other special offers to save money while making great memories!